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France: Call for tender for LV towing in 93' Department (F93)

On 13/05/2024

The Prefecture of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis (F93) has just issued a call for applications for the LV Towing of cars (Light Vehicles) on motorways and expressways not under concession.

More info ICI


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The largest European Tow Show for Towing Professionals

On 06/05/2024

From June 13 to 15, 2024, don't miss the 50th Tow Show organized by the German VBA federation. Good news for visitors, entry to the show and parking are free

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Post your Listings on SOS Truck before March 5

On 26/02/2024

Dear Readers, March 4, 2024 will be the last day to publish your Listings on SOS Truck For Sale to be published in the next LDM, The Towing Magazine for FREE.

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On 02/02/2024

From LDM, The Towing Magazine

Do not hesitate to respond by posting a comment after opening the message.

Between supporting farmers' right to protest: Blocking roads is a common form of protest, and farmers have the right to voice their grievances and demand change.
Put pressure on the government: Disruptions can force the government to take action and respond more seriously to farmers' demands.

And the public disruption this causes: Dams significantly disrupt the daily lives of citizens, causing traffic jams, economic losses and inconvenience. This can lead to frustration and resentment towards farmers.
Public Safety Concerns: Parked tractors can create safety hazards, especially if they block emergency vehicles or impede essential services.

Could towing companies really refuse to intervene if a duly completed requisition was sent to them?
Between the risk of loss of prefectural approvals, the economic repercussions, the loss of credibility with local authorities and the possible recourse to the courts...

What is your opinion? Please feel free to post your comment below.

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How to earn 2x passive income from GTA Online Tow Truck this week

On 19/01/2024

Rockstar Games has released a brand new GTA Online weekly update today giving a huge boost to the Tow Truck owners this week in the game.

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France: Call for tender for LV/HGV towing & Impound in Yvelines Department (F78)

On 07/12/2023

The Prefecture of the Yvelines department (F78) has just published a call for applications for LV/HGV towing & Impound on motorways and expressways not under concession.

More info HERE

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Mercedes G-Class G300 tow truck for sale

On 22/11/2023

For lovers of the Mercedes G Class. Don't miss this very rare classified ad for a Mercedes G300 tow truck for sale on SOS Truck For Sale

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IFBA 2024 Tow Show at Kassel

On 20/11/2023

From June 13 to 15, 2024, don’t miss the largest European Tow Show organized by the german association VBA. Good news for exhibitors, registration for IFBA 2024 is now possible.

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France: Call for tenders car impound in Lyon (F69)

On 18/09/2023

The city of Lyon (F69) has just launched a call for applications for a public service concession for the operation of the automobile impound.

More infos click here

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On 07/09/2023

Klubb Group has just announced the partnership between its subsidiaries Isoli (Fontaniva, Italy) and Mobitec (Ferrières-en-Brie, France) with the company GMP Truck. A key player in the towing industry, sale and rental of tow trucks in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, the subsidiary of the GMP Participations group is now part of the network of distributors...

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List your truck for sale before September 5

On 01/09/2023

September 4, 2023 will be the last day to list your truck for sale or trailer, excavator, or whatever heavy equipement you have to sell. 

List your heavy equipement for sale on SOS Truck For Sale to be published in the next LDM, The Towing Magazine for FREE.

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The electric robot tow truck

On 21/07/2023

First Mover is a radio-controlled electric robotic machine developed by BS Engineering ApS in Denmark. Capable of moving any car up to 3.5t, First Mover was originally designed in 2004 for use in hazardous situations. Such as bomb disposal, fire fighting and traffic accidents.

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FLASH 4: End of the guerrilla warfare, tow operators on all fronts.

On 03/07/2023

After five nights and as many days of guerrilla warfare in all the French departments, tow truck operators are on all fronts to remove burned cars, trucks and buses.

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FLASH 3: Guerrilla warfare in France, tow operators no longer load at night

On 02/07/2023

A fifth night of riots took place overnight from Saturday to Sunday in all French departments. This Sunday evening in France, LDM, The Towing Magazine collected the testimonials of towing companies solicited on these risk areas.

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FLASH: France on the brink of chaos, tow operators on the front line

On 30/06/2023

For several days that the riots have persisted throughout the country, LDM, The Towing Magazine recalls in the midst of these riots, the risks incurred by first aid responders, including tow truck operators.

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Post Your Classified Ad on LDM before June 5

On 30/05/2023

Dear Readers, June 4, 2023 will be the last day to publish your Classified Ad on SOS Truck For Sale to be published in the next LDM, The Towing Magazine for FREE.

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New TEVOR HDRV Tow Truck

On 12/05/2023

The manufacturer TEVOR will present its new tow truck for towing heavy trucks at the IFBA Kassel tow show (Germany) from June 15 to 17.

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IFBA 2023 Tow Show at Kassel

On 28/04/2023

From June 15 to 17, 2023, don’t miss the 49th Tow Show organized by IFBA.

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ADAF 2023 Tow Show in Reims

On 10/04/2023

From May 23 to 25, 2023, don’t miss the 25th Tow Show organized by ADAF.

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France: Call for Tenders for HGV Towing in the Dpt of Bouches du Rhone (F13)

On 28/03/2023

Call for tenders for competition for an Approval for the Repair and Towing of Heavy Duty Vehicles on motorways and their non-conceded annexes: the RN 2516 and the municipal road S10 in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône (13).

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On 15/03/2023

In The Towing Magazine n°93, discover the article on the new Dépann'2000 tow truck. 

A tow truck manufactured by GTS (Global Towing Systems) on a DAF chassis.

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On 31/12/2022

In the heavy Estonian snow, the small electric Hyundai tows a 26 t truck.

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France: New Roadside Assistance Towing Tariff

On 07/12/2022

The decree of September 16, 2022 published in the official journal reassesses the rates for breakdown assistance and towing on motorways and express roads for the year 2022/2023:

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France: Call for Tenders for LV and HGV breakdown on the Vosges Dpt express Roads

On 07/12/2022

Notice of call for applications for towing of light vehicles and HGVs on the expressway of the Vosges department (RN57 – RN59 – RN66).