About us

1999 - It was in France in 1999 that the idea of creating a magazine on the world of the Towing Industry was born. Without reference in Europe, such a magazine is a small revolution in the world of Towing Business.

First of all, a large market study had been carried out at the time of the project in order to determine the forecast. A major media and political campaign was necessary to achieve the result that we know.

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The founders Nathalie & David Lockwood know the world of towing Business well. David managed the biggest Towing company in Europe for several years. Nathalie Lockwood-Boffy is also the daughter of the famous couple Jacques and Charlette Boffy, founders and directors of 3R Towing &  Recovery.
Their 3R Towing company was for several decades the largest towing company in Paris. Needless to say that Nathalie Lockwood-Boffy had some assets by knowing this market.

Over time, the biggest names in the automotive press work for LDM Magazine. Unpublished reports from the four corners of the globe, the most unexpected tips and the always very popular "Tow Show" reports.

At the end of 2004, more than 18,000 copies of LDM magazine were sold worldwide each quarter.

 The magazine has succeeded in establishing itself in countries that were unimaginable just 6 years ago. His photographic style and all in color makes him accessible to the greatest number of us.

The creation of the website in 2004 offers access to free classified ads which are put online directly by sellers thanks to an ultra-simplified computer procedure. Both sellers and buyers can thus exchange their equipment. The online Photo and Video section is a great showcase for LDM magazine.

A few months after its creation, the LDM website is already cited as a reference among specialists.

A godsend for LDM, which is thus gaining in popularity and an ever-increasing number of readers.

Such an adventure deserves its success for subscribers but also for advertisers because here too, the majority of them believed in LDM Magazine as soon as it was released.

Since its creation, LDM has kept its first advertisers in a percentage that reaches 98.4%.

A record and fortunately maintained by new advertisers with each issue from all over the world.

But each tow company can also communicate in LDM thanks to a section specially designed for them. The "Advertisers Forum" allows everyone to communicate at low cost, a real success.

At the end of 2010, the Only Magazine dedicated to Towing Industry becomes bilingual !

LDM The Towing Magazine is now written in two languages: English & French.

After being the first professional press title specializing in automotive roadside assistance from the year 2000, then the most widely read reference magazine for Tow professionals, LDM continues its ascent by responding to international demand by being distributed in 26 countries. True to its pioneering image.

 LDM magazine has decided to offer the same content:
- company reports, technical files from manufacturers, international trade fairs, etc.
- written in two languages: English and French.
LDM values its quarterly periodicity, its editorial line and its articles.

The magazine therefore retains its particularly top-of-the-range design qualities, which are rarely offered in the world of the press (cover: glossy coated 170g – interior: full color 100g + poster 170g).

In 2023, LDM moves from the Application to the digital store on its new website

2012 - April 2012, LDM is released on digital Smartphones via LDM App on Apple & Google store. LDM Magazine publishes some contents via Social Networks, like a teasing for the last magazine issue.

2022 - LDM opens his new Classified Ads website: www.SOSTruckForSale.com

2023 - January 2023, LDM leaves Apple & Google store to create his own store: www.TheTowingMagazine.com

In 2024, LDM The Towing Magazine is published in print in 29 countries directly or via dealers.
The Digital edition is available in 112 countries via the website www.TheTowingMagazine.com