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D-Day: the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy

D-Day: the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy

On 06/06/2024

D-Day: the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, a solemn tribute to the heroes of freedom 

Want to be published for free in The Towing Magazine?

Want to be published for free in The Towing Magazine?

On 24/05/2024

Dear Readers, June 4, 2024 will be the last day to publish your Listings on SOS Truck For Sale to be published in the next LDM, The Towing Magazine for FREE.

France: Call for tender for LV Towing in 93 Dpt (F93)

France: Call for tender for LV towing in 93' Department (F93)

On 13/05/2024

The Prefecture of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis (F93) has just issued a call for applications for the LV Towing of cars (Light Vehicles) on motorways and expressways not under concession.

More info ICI



France: Call for tenders car impound in Lyon (F69)

On 18/09/2023

The city of Lyon (F69) has just launched a call for applications for a public service concession for the operation of the automobile impound.

More infos click here

France: Call for Tenders for LV and HGV impound from Dpt 77

France: call for Tenders for LV and HGV impound from the Seine-et-Marne Dpt (F77)

On 18/07/2023

The departments of Seine et Marne have just issued a call for applications for a public service concession for Light & Heavy Duty Vehicle Impound on expressways and motorways.

More infos click here

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Between supporting farmers' right to protest: Blocking roads is a common form of protest, and farmers have the right to voice their grievances and demand change.
Put pressure on the government: Disruptions can force the government to take action and respond more seriously to farmers' demands.

And the public disruption this causes: Dams significantly disrupt the daily lives of citizens, causing traffic jams, economic losses and inconvenience. This can lead to frustration and resentment towards farmers.
Public Safety Concerns: Parked tractors can create safety hazards, especially if they block emergency vehicles or impede essential services.

Could towing companies really refuse to intervene if a duly completed requisition was sent to them?
Between the risk of loss of prefectural approvals, the economic repercussions, the loss of credibility with local authorities and the possible recourse to the courts...

What is your opinion? Please feel free to post your comment below.

Prices and promotional benefits regulated.

By Jérôme, ROY AUTO

Good morning,

In order to prevent as many people as possible, for towing companies who have a body shop, I strongly advise you to read the latest french bill that insurance companies have found.

No more assignment of debt and much more...


Super Heavy tow truck GTS HD30 in LDM n°93


Let me present to you (and to the entire LDM team) my sincere congratulations on the latest magazine!

I was not expecting that at all ! It’s excellent…thank you very much for your support and this huge boost.

You even managed to put the photos sent at the last moment, frankly it's perfect. Not to mention the poster…Thank you

Michel Noël (Hungary)

Oliver's portrait in LDM n°93


WOW, WOW, WOW I wouldn't have thought of that, I'm very impressed, great work. I'm super proud. After my wedding, that's the 2 best thing that's happened to me so far, thank you.

I wasn't expecting that, I was close to tears when I saw it. I believe that we will meet in person, I'm looking forward to it. I love my job.

I have to process that first.


Oliver Kurt (Germany)


Xavier Morcillo

Hello everyone, pay attention to the category recorded in the SI Fourrière software when you tow a vehicle to the impound.

Because the police services will not give you a gift.

I note that they advised to file a complaint for vehicle theft with the owner of the vehicle which I towed following a request for impoundment.


Charrier Garage

Hello to all colleagues,

We are in the eternal dilemma of finding the insurer who will want to insure the pound activity.

Could you tell us in the comments where you insure your pound?

For our part, at GROUPAMA and it's a fortune (more than 2000 € / month)!
All the best, Anthony