Prices and promotional benefits regulated.

On 27/09/2023 2

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By Jérôme, ROY AUTO

Good morning,

In order to prevent as many people as possible, for towing companies who have a body shop, I strongly advise you to read the latest french bill that insurance companies have found.

No more assignment of debt and much more...




  • Ben

    1 Ben On 27/09/2023

    This is a proposed law and not a bill, but:
    A “bill” is the Government which drafted the text.

    A “proposed law” is a parliamentarian (a deputy or a senator) who has written the text.
    Finally, written is saying a lot... Often, it is an interest group or a lawyer who wrote it for them. Parliamentarians are rarely lawyers and the slightest legal error in the drafting of the bill will lead to it being thrown into the trash.
  • Mr Stagnaro

    2 Mr Stagnaro On 27/09/2023

    Insurers denounce that repair professionals give gifts to their customers at the expense of insurers. This is exactly their practice for decades of sponsoring several sporting activities, television spots which cost enormous sums per second. As well as lobbying our politicians. Lesson-givers should look at themselves in front of a mirror. The fight continues against the dictatorship. Stagnaro

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