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Xavier Morcillo

Hello everyone, pay attention to the category recorded in the SI Fourrière software when you tow a vehicle to the impound.

Because the police services will not give you a gift.

I note that they advised to file a complaint for vehicle theft with the owner of the vehicle which I towed following a request for impoundment.

I have an impound license, the Prefecture imposed the SI impound software on us to centralize the entrances and exits of towed vehicles following impoundment requisitions.

Following an error on my part, on a vehicle seizure (urban rodeo administrative procedure the vehicle was sold by the services of the Domains).

While he had to be back on "urban rodeo legal proceedings" (and wait for the magistrate's decision).

I now have the owner coming to claim his vehicle.

Be careful when you return a vehicle because the police services will not give you a gift because I see that it is advised to file a complaint for vehicle theft, etc....

Can they consult the SI Fourriere software to see if there is no error, or modify anything?

Thank you in advance for informing me if you have been in my case.

Sincerely Morcillo Xavier (


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