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Between supporting farmers' right to protest: Blocking roads is a common form of protest, and farmers have the right to voice their grievances and demand change.
Put pressure on the government: Disruptions can force the government to take action and respond more seriously to farmers' demands.

And the public disruption this causes: Dams significantly disrupt the daily lives of citizens, causing traffic jams, economic losses and inconvenience. This can lead to frustration and resentment towards farmers.
Public Safety Concerns: Parked tractors can create safety hazards, especially if they block emergency vehicles or impede essential services.

Could towing companies really refuse to intervene if a duly completed requisition was sent to them?
Between the risk of loss of prefectural approvals, the economic repercussions, the loss of credibility with local authorities and the possible recourse to the courts...

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  • Carrosserie du Centre

    1 Carrosserie du Centre On 03/02/2024

    To tow a broken down tractor yes!
    Otherwise ? No, I don't eat the crap that other countries send us, with their regulations inferior to ours.
    I support farmers.
  • Ipvo

    2 Ipvo On 03/02/2024

    We should not intervene and support farmers.
    You have to know what you want in life and don't spare the "chèvre et le choux".
  • Marcel Pierric

    3 Marcel Pierric On 03/02/2024

    Full support for farmers...
    It is thanks to them that we have a healthy diet in France.
    Same with truckers...we don't saw the branch we're sitting on!

    Unfortunately, I remember twice, during blockages, that we had to intervene following the seizure of our licences!
    Complicated to intervene on our customers' vehicles...but hey, we proceeded properly unlike the interventions carried out by the military with armored vehicles!

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