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How to earn 2x passive income from GTA Online Tow Truck this week

On 19/01/2024

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Rockstar Games has released a brand new GTA Online weekly update today giving a huge boost to the Tow Truck owners this week in the game.

From now through January 24, 2024, players can continue to earn double the amount of passive income as the Salvage Yard Daily Income by completing the Tow Truck missions and helping the city.

This article will detail how to make money from the GTA Online Tow Truck business.

As per the new GTA Online weekly update, the Tow Truck owners can earn boosted passive income throughout the next seven days.

Here’s how to get started earning the Salvage Yard Daily Income 2x times the normal amount this week:

Those who don’t own the Salvage Yard must get it first from the Maze Bank Foreclosures in-game website. Here’s how to do it:

- Open the in-game smartphone’s internet.
- Visit the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.
- Select Salvage Yard from the filters on the top-right screen.
- Choose one of the available locations for the property.

Here are all the areas available to set the property at as of January 2024, each costing differently like most of the other businesses in the game:

- Paleto Bay $1,620,000 - Sandy Shores $2,030,000 - Murrieta Heights $2,420,000 - Strawberry $2,570,000 - La Puerta $2,690,000

Once purchased, the next step is to install the Tow Truck upgrade that will allow access to the GTA Online Tow Truck missions for the Salvage Yard business owners.

This can be done either while purchasing the Salvage Yard property or afterward.

There are two options to select from when adding the upgrade:

Tow Truck $1,100,000 - Tow Truck Beater $650,000

Both of the options provide the same amount of money-earning opportunity, so either of them can be selected.

Once done, it will unlock the Salvage Yard Tow Truck free mode mission.

Players can then start these jobs by climbing the Tow Truck stored in the Salvage Yard and selecting it from the Menu.

The mission requires players to retrieve a broken down or abandoned vehicle from a designated location in the open world and bring it back to the Salvage Yard for parts.

Each trip will reward players a sum of $30,000 - $40,000 on completion.

However, it also adds to the Salvage Yard Daily income up to a maximum of $24,000 daily, which will be $48,000 for the next seven days.


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