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On 07/09/2023

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Klubb Group has just announced the partnership between its subsidiaries Isoli (Fontaniva, Italy) and Mobitec (Ferrières-en-Brie, France) with the company GMP Truck. A key player in the towing industry, sale and rental of tow trucks in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, the subsidiary of the GMP Participations group is now part of the network of distributors...

As such, it will market the entire range of recovery trucks of the Italian subsidiary Isoli as well as the workshop trucks equipped by MOBITEC (100% subsidiary of KLUBB Group).

"With its expertise in the field of lifting equipment and cutting-edge technology, Isoli extends its know-how to recovery vehicles to offer reliable and efficient solutions. Isoli's recovery vehicles are designed to meet the needs of the automotive recovery industry, offering a combination of robustness, versatility and safety. Whether towing light vehicles or heavier loads, Isoli offers suitable solutions for a variety of recovery scenarios" reports the press release.

"With its well-established reputation in the industry, Isoli strives to provide high-quality recovery vehicles that incorporate innovative features and advanced technologies for maximum efficiency. The company emphasizes durability, performance and safety, providing roadside professionals with reliable tools to deal with emergency situations on the road. Isoli's tow trucks are distinguished by their technical excellence and their ability to meet the most demanding challenges in the sector."
GMP Truck is a renowned specialist company in the field of tow truck and truck fleet optimization. At the heart of GMP Truck's mission is a deep understanding of the specific needs of the recovery and transport industry.

"At GMP Truck, we offer you a wide range of services and products designed to optimize every aspect of fleet management. LTA BY GMP is an innovative concept that allows you to constantly optimize your fleet of professional rolling stock."
Thanks to advanced technological tools, GMP Truck allows towing and transport companies to gain visibility on their operations, optimize the use of their resources and reduce operational costs. GMP Truck also offers customized solutions for the modification and transformation of existing tow trucks and trucks, integrating special equipment and configurations adapted to the specific needs of each of its customers.
“We are delighted with this new partnership which, we hope, will bring new opportunities and perspectives,” concludes Klubb Group.

In addition, GMP Truck will be present alongside Isoli and Mobitec at the International Tow Show which will take place in Toulouse, at the MEETT convention center, from October 24 to 26, 2023.

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