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The electric robot tow truck

On 21/07/2023

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First Mover is a radio-controlled electric robotic machine developed by BS Engineering ApS in Denmark. Capable of moving any car up to 3.5t, First Mover was originally designed in 2004 for use in hazardous situations. Such as bomb disposal, fire fighting and traffic accidents.

This incredible machine was discovered by the professional reporters of the magazine ©LDM, The Towing Magazine during the IFBA international towing recovery show in Kassel (Germany). IFBA is the most important European exhibition for professionals in the automotive towing repair industry.

Note that the organizers celebrated their 60th anniversary this year. A report will be devoted to this event in the next ©LDM, The Towing Magazine n°95 available from mid-September 2023.

But back to this radio-controlled robot designed to move a car.

First Mover is equipped with a variety of sensors, including a camera, LiDAR scanner and radar. These sensors allow First Mover to navigate autonomously and avoid obstacles. First Mover can also be controlled remotely via a radio control.

First Mover is a first mover machine in the field of robotic vehicles. It is one of the first vehicles of its type to be developed, and it has the potential to revolutionize the way a stationary vehicle such as an electric car is moved.

Composed of two parts comparable to a tractor-trailer. The electric tractor with its tracks tows its trailer which offers the possibility of passing under a car and lifting it up to 700 mm from the ground. Its maximum speed can reach 3.5 km/h and climbs slopes of up to 18%.

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