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FLASH 3: Guerrilla warfare in France, tow operators no longer load at night

On 02/07/2023

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A fifth night of riots took place overnight from Saturday to Sunday in all French departments. This Sunday evening in France, LDM, The Towing Magazine collected the testimonials of towing companies solicited on these risk areas.

In the Paris region Depann'2000 told us that it had evacuated more than a hundred burnt vehicles despite the risks involved. “We evacuate burnt cars only in the morning while the thugs are sleeping”.

In Toulouse, Auto Secours was "gassed" by the attackers. His tow truck was vandalized (broken windshield, broken signal ramp, etc.).

In Lyon and Marseille, the riots were such that the police units of the maintenance of order were victims of live ammunition (9 mm) by the thugs.

Officially, the executive represented by the French Prime Minister tries to reassure the population. But 719 people have again been arrested in France in recent hours.

Several cities were once again the victim of 875 arson attacks, particularly on vehicles, according to LDM, The Towing Magazine. Several mayors have implemented curfews despite the reprisals they may have suffered in their personal homes.

In the city of Lorient "an anti-riot squad" made up of a brave group of 30 men came to support police officers of their own accord against a group of thugs ready to attack.

David Lockwood
©LDM, The Towing Magazine

Photo credit: Joshua Berlinger / CNN

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