France: Call for Tenders for HGV Towing in the Dpt of Bouches du Rhone (F13)

On 28/03/2023

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Call for tenders for competition for an Approval for the Repair and Towing of Heavy Duty Vehicles on motorways and their non-conceded annexes: the RN 2516 and the municipal road S10 in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône (13).

DIRMED acts on behalf of the Departmental Commission for the Approval of towing companies competent on motorways and their non-conceded annexes, the RN 2516 and the S10 municipal road in the Bouches-du-Rhône department.

Organization's official name and address:

Interdepartmental Direction of Mediterranean Roads

16, rue Zattara – CS 70248

13 331 MARSEILLE Cedex 3, France. 

Phone : 04 86 94 68 00   

Email :

Website (URL) :

Website Address of the buyer (URL) :

Approval for the repair and towing of heavy vehicles for motorways and their non-conceded annexes, the RN 2516 and the municipal road S10 in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône

CPV Classification: 50118400 “Motor Vehicle Breakdown Service”

Place of performance: motorways and their non-conceded annexes, the RN 2516 and the municipal road S10 in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône

The opinion implies: approval for 12 months, renewable by tacit agreement 6 times.

an application letter (DC1) specifying the identity of the candidate, his name, his registered office and whether he is presenting himself alone or in a group. In the event of a consortium, it will indicate the form of the consortium, the members of the consortium and the name of the agent company. It will be signed by an authorized person from each of the members of the group or accompanied by the power given by each co-contractor to the agent for the presentation of the application file, 
The candidate may use the DC1 and DC2 forms which can be downloaded from the website

The power of the person empowered to bind the company, a statement by the candidate (DC2) certifying that it is not in compulsory liquidation or, if it is subject to judicial reorganization, a copy of the judgment(s) pronounced to this effect, the sworn statement that the candidate has not been the subject, during the last 5 years, of a conviction recorded in bulletin n°2 of the criminal record, for the offenses referred to in articles L. 324- 9, L.324-10, L.341-6, L 125-1 and L.125-3 of the labor code (article 9 of decree 97-638 on strengthening the fight against illegal work), the certificates and attestations provided for in article 8 of decree no. 97-638 of May 31, 1997 relating to social and fiscal obligations, registration in the trade and companies register (K bis extract less than 3 months old).

a list of sufficiently explicit references to assess the candidate's skills in the field of activity equivalent to the subject of the approval or any other information allowing verification of his ability to manage the public breakdown service, in particular the summary list of contracts obtained or being studied in other departments for any reason whatsoever, a sworn statement of the absence of withdrawal of approval concerning HGV breakdown service on the motorway network of the DIR Méditerranée over a period of 5 years. In the event of withdrawal of approval on the motorway network of the Mediterranean DIR, the candidate is eliminated.
a detailed description of its human and material resources including:
- copy of the front and back of the employees' driving licenses,

- copy of the employees' CACES,

- the summary list of intervention equipment (number, technical characteristics, list of radio-telephone equipment),

- a copy of the gray cards and authorizations to circulate (cartes blanches) of all the vehicles available to the candidate at the time of submitting the application. Vehicles whose administrative file is not complete at the time of submission of tenders will not be taken into account for the evaluation of the candidate,

- agreement for the provision of vehicles if they are not registered in the candidate's name.

the declaration of turnover,
the insurance certificate justifying a guarantee for a sufficient amount against the pecuniary consequences of the civil liability that the candidate could incur due to his professional activity: this document must imperatively mention the breakdown service-towing activity and must specify the amount of guarantees.

The candidate must write a note on the methods and means that he intends to make available to ensure the continuity of the public service and the equality of users before the public service. It will be supplemented by the following documents: commercial lease or title deed of the facilities, location plan and block plan of the premises of the company accompanied by a complete description specifying the terms of custody.

The candidate groups must specify the distribution of the services that each of the members undertakes to perform.

In the event of omission of a certificate and/or a certificate requested, the candidate must send the missing documents, within 48 hours of the request from the Mediterranean DIR, by any means allowing a certain date of their arrival

Applications will be examined by the Departmental Commission for the Approval of Dépanneurs des Bouches-du-Rhône, in particular with regard to:

- the administrative, professional and financial guarantees presented,

- the ability to ensure the continuity of public service and the equality of users,

- compliance with the approval conditions provided for in the specifications relating to the repair of light vehicles.

At the end of the analysis phase, the State draws up the list of candidates admitted to submit an offer.

A visit of the candidates' facilities by the State services will then be carried out and an opinion on the compliance of the file with the above-mentioned specifications will be given by the Departmental Commission for the Approval of Dépanneurs. This visit will also make it possible to note the selection criteria set out below:

30% geographical location of the applicant's facility(ies)
30% performance of the means implemented by the company
40% quality of service to the public
Deadline for receipt of applications: 16/05/2023 at 3:00 p.m.

Access to the call for applications file:

Candidates will be able to withdraw a consultation file on the State purchasing platform:

This consultation file includes:

the rules of the consultation for the presentation of an application and an offer;
breakdown specifications for light vehicles.
Ask for information :

To obtain all the administrative and technical information that they would need during their study, candidates must send no later than 15 days before the deadline for submission of tenders, a written request using the functionalities of the platform. - form of dematerialization (

A response will then be sent in good time, via this platform, to all candidates who have withdrawn or received the file, at the latest 10 days before the deadline for submitting tenders.

Reference number assigned: DIRMED-CC-23-001

Other information :

* Applications and offers will be entirely written or translated into French as well as all associated presentation documents;

* Currency unit used, the euro;

* Applications that cannot be accepted pursuant to the provisions of articles R.2144-1 to R.2144-7 of the CCP are eliminated by the RPA;

Tender opening procedures

* The opening of bids is not public.

Conditions for obtaining the specifications and additional documents:

* The consultation documents are available electronically on the dematerialization platform (http://www.marches-publics.gouv.f ) under the public reference indicated above, after installing the technical prerequisites and have read the user manual;

Conditions for submitting offers or applications:

* The time for submission of applications and offers is the local time of the address of the contracting authority;

* If several tenders are successively transmitted by the same candidate, only the last tender received, electronically or on a physical medium, by the contracting authority within the deadline set for the submission of tenders is opened. The other documents are returned to the candidate unopened;

* If several electronic offers are successively transmitted by the same candidate, only the last offer received is opened. The rejected offer is erased from the files of the contracting authority without having been read. The candidate is informed.

* The backup copy, provided for in article R.2132-11 of the CCP, must be placed in a sealed envelope bearing the legible mention "backup copy";

* Applications or tenders in which a malicious computer program is detected by the contracting authority will not be subject to repair, if necessary, the backup copy will be opened. If the latter also included a malicious computer program, the applications or offers will be deemed never to have been received;

* Offers must be sent by electronic exchange on the dematerialization platform ( under the public reference indicated above, will be sent according to the procedures specified in the rules of the consultation.


Address from which administrative and technical information can be obtained:

Internet address (URL):

Address where documents can be obtained:

Internet address (URL):

Address to which offers/applications must be sent: Internet address (URL):


Body responsible for appeal procedures and from which information can be obtained concerning the lodging of appeals:

Name of organization: Administrative Court of Marseille

Address: 22.24 rue Breteuil

Postcode: 13281 City: Marseille

Country (other than France):

Telephone: 0491134813 Fax: 0491811387


Internet address (URL):

Details concerning the deadline(s) for lodging appeals:

* Pre-contractual referral: from the start of the procurement procedure until the signing of the contract (article L551-1 of the Code of Administrative Justice);

* Contractual referral: 31 days from the date of publication of the contract award notice (Article L551-13 to L551-23 and R551-7 to R551-10 of the Code of Administrative Justice)

* Appeal for abuse of power: within 2 months of notification of the rejection decision (articles R421-1 to R421-3 of the Code of Administrative Justice);

* Full litigation recourse: within 2 months from the completion of the publicity measures concerning the award of the contract.

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