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FLASH: France on the brink of chaos, tow operators on the front line

On 30/06/2023

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For several days that the riots have persisted throughout the country, LDM, The Towing Magazine recalls in the midst of these riots, the risks incurred by first aid responders, including tow truck operators.

Asked to evacuate vehicles that have been burned, looted or stolen by thugs, tow operators have to face the risk of attacks of uncontrollable violence.

Tow truck operators requisitioned by the police to evacuate and clear public roads are subjected to direct violence on their person or on their tow truck. See threats of reprisals from the attackers if they carry out the work entrusted to them, namely to evacuate the vehicles immobilizing the public roads blocking the intervention of the police.

LDM, The Towing Magazine advises all tow truck operators to be extremely vigilant in this context of intervention under judicial or police requisition for a pound. And to postpone any intervention resulting from a non-emergency roadside assistance call.

Tow truck operators working 24 hours a day have already been attacked in sensitive areas by groups of several dozen individuals.

The greatest caution to consider for an intervention of towing, impound, or judicial requisition. Support from the police during an intervention is unfortunately not an absolute weapon at the time of writing this message.

The security of the premises of the recovery operators must be reinforced in anticipation of overflows from the attackers who are now out of control. Voluntary fires in garages have repeatedly proven the vulnerability of automotive professionals.
David Lockwood
©LDM, The Towing Magazine

Photo credit: AFP

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