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Hello, despite a conviction in 2018, Europ Assistance roadside assistance obviously did not understand or does not want to understand...

For your information, here is a reminder of their conviction in 2018:

Europ Assistance obviously did not understand or does not want to understand, it takes several months to be paid and still you have to fight almost every invoice to justify the amount of support validated by their assistance operators.

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    1 DAR-DAR On 19/01/2023

    Totally agree with Freddy and Jérôme on this subject!

    Europ Assistance does not respect payment deadlines, nor even the commitments made by their assistance or network managers. Even the affected areas are not respected!

    It's always the same song, they never received the invoices, they even allow themselves to cancel missions after having carried them out, it is for these reasons that we are currently in court against them!

    In this regard, if other towing companies want to intervene on this subject, they can also contact us directly by email:
  • Jérôme - Roy Automobiles

    2 Jérôme - Roy Automobiles On 11/01/2023

    Hi, indeed it is not the joy with Europ Assistance, so much so that at home we refuse any financial agreement from them, explaining why to the member.
    As a result, the customer will realize this during his reimbursement process and will send the information to his insurance.

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