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Eric de Rousiers - DcanGo

Hello David,
I have just read your editorial of N°84, after having already wanted to write to you after that of 83.
They are clearly and firmly written, editorials, what. It's probably silly to say "editorials, what" but that's what strikes me.

They express a clear and assumed point of view which, however, does not necessarily caress your readers in the direction of the hair if I believe what I read on the "socionetworko" and on the tow operators FB groups for example.

They are an assertive and unpretentious expression that does not bother to please. I am rather admiring of this statement which does not necessarily go in the direction of "business".
I am thinking of the conspirators who took their ration with the editorial of number 83 and of the unconditional and unqualified lovers of "order" as long as it is official, with number 84.

The two being able to love each other with tender love on the occasion of a well-felt "journalope" which I am not sure you will escape at this rate.
My wish to write to you comes from the fact that I did not expect to read these points of view in a professional magazine, which one imagines sanitized, but it is undoubtedly a mistake on my part, not to have perceived earlier all the spirit of the LDM.

So please accept my apologies for being surprised.
I therefore wish you, your team, your family and yourself, very happy holidays and as happy a new year as it is possible to hope for (sorry for Royer for example) in the current context, with my most cordial cheers.


  • David Lockwood

    1 David Lockwood On 09/01/2023

    Hi Eric, apologies accepted, LOL.
    I'm glad you appreciate the editorials of the magazine LDM.
    Natalie & I always work with true passion, no matter what.
    Because we're truly honest (I think) my articles are most of the time appreciated by they're true.
    Thank you for your feedback and your support.
    We wish you all the best for the future.

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