A Tow Op is not a robot called Nomad

On 19/01/2023 0

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Anonymous Tow Op

Hello, message for the attention of all assistance operators of all insurance companies and manufacturers. A Tow Operator is not a robot called Nomad, it is a human who breathes, eats and sleeps.

It seemed to me that your job was to manage the assistance, not to get rid of the missions as quickly as possible with nothing in them or anything to fill the boxes. I don't think it would be bad either for you to have a minimum of compassion for your members whom you dispatch in 30 seconds without explaining anything or selling them dreams. 

Respecting a minimum of the person who works in the field all year round in all weathers would also be welcome, so sending a mission for an appointment at 2 p.m. in the middle of the night you wake up the on-call repairman for nothing.

And for quotes, your automatic mission applications are all more useless than the others, we throw the empty mission to the convenience stores and get by with nothing.
Message signed by a Tow Operator who is tired of being taken for a dog all year round.

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