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Your Isuzu D-Max Jige tow truck in 72 hours

On 09/05/2023

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Jigé International offers a fully equipped tow truck ready for use in 72 hours. According to the manufacturer's press release, Jigé is able to deliver your Isuzu D-Max tow truck equipped with the "Light City" wheel lift arm in 3 days.

The tow truck is delivered with its body made of composite materials and numerous accessories: Repo dolly - Jige dolly - Gojack - Motorcycle Tow Kit - 18' aluminum wheels - Flashing lights - Electric winch with haul kit, etc.

Delivered in white in the 72 H offer, Jige offers the possibility of customization in the form of "covering" which comes out of the 72 H program.

"Thanks to the optimization of our production workshops and a 10-year experience in manufacturing 500 Isuzu tow trucks, Jigé International can offer you this customized tow truck in 72 turnkey hours" www.jige-international.com

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