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Updating the SOS Truck website

On 04/05/2023

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The classified ads site for professionals has received its batch of updates, including the patches for “bugs.” The ability to republish a new free ad when the previous one is no longer online after the 30 days offered in the free package. 

Upgrading your package, which could affect some accounts, becomes more manageable.

To benefit from all the latest features of the SOS truck site, it’s recommended to update your Internet browser.

Microsoft no longer supports Microsoft Explorer since June 2022, and we invite concerned users to migrate to its replacement Microsoft Edge. 

Finally, if you have a tow truck for sale, a forklift, a dump truck or you are looking for a driver or want to sell your business, the free distribution of classified ads in The Towing Magazine will concern all ads posted on the SOS Truck site at the deadline of June 5, 2023 for the July-August-September period.




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