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New LDM, The Towing Magazine n°97

On 12/03/2024

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Dear readers, we are proud to announce the release of the new LDM, The Towing Magazine #97.
Available now in digital from the website: www.TheTowingMagazine.com

Print magazines will arrive in subscribers' mailboxes within the next days (max 03/26/2024).
Note that subscribers to the print version (HD) have free access to the current digital magazine, as well as all previous digital magazines.

A free extract of a few pages is available for free on all magazines for the non subscribers. 

Contents: 10 Pages of news6 Pages Tow Operators Heroes : Fatal accidents far superior to official statistics – 6 Pages Auction: Kissimmee 2024 – 10 Pages Protest: Freedom Convoy, time for judgments - 2 Pages Fiscal : Company vehicle tax (TVS), beware of self-leased vehicles – 2 Pages Social : A judgment forces the URSSAF social organization not to sue the manager – 2 Pages Readers Feedback – and recurring sections: Directory of Towing BusinessesListings by SOS truck for sale – Directory of advertisers.

Don't miss the bonus photos & videos inside of each page of the digital magazine. 

Thank you for your trust !

Team LDM

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