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Heroic intervention by Depann'2000 during the crash of a Cessna on the A4

On 03/07/2024

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The drama which played out on Sunday June 30, 2024 on the A4 motorway in Collégien was marked by a rapid and courageous intervention by the Depann'2000 team.

A Cessna 172 passenger plane, with three people on board, crashed into the central wall of the highway, causing the tragic death of its occupants.

The accident, which occurred around 3:38 p.m., immediately mobilized emergency services and rescue teams.

Among them, Depann'2000, a company specializing in road towing & emmergency recovery, played a crucial role in managing the situation.

While the highway was paralyzed by the accident, the Depann'2000 team intervened to secure the area and assist the authorities in traffic management.

Their recovery and towing expertise was essential in removing the aircraft wreckage and restoring traffic as quickly as possible.

The exact circumstances of the accident remain to be determined, but initial hypotheses suggest that the plane hit a high-voltage line before crashing.

The closure of the A4 motorway caused significant traffic jams, but thanks to the intervention of Depann'2000 and the emergency services, the lane was reopened at 10:10 p.m. 

The current investigation, carried out by the air transport gendarmerie (GTA) and the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) for civil aviation safety, will shed light on the causes of this accident.

We salute the professionalism and bravery of Depann'2000 and all the stakeholders who worked in these difficult times.

Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of the victims of this tragedy.