France: Impoundment 2024, +5.5%

On 15/02/2024

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In France, the price of impounding a car will very soon increase by 5.5%.

According to sources from LDM magazine, The Towing Magazine, the decision was taken this week at the Ministry of Finance...

Disappointment on both camps

Car owners who will have to pay more to recover their car (€128 to €159 + daily custody costs depending on the location).

And towing professionals commonly call them “impound crane operators” who find the increase insufficient compared to inflation in recent years (last increase legislated in 2020).

The other disappointment for towing companies concerns the price for impound removal of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, in other words vans, trucks and buses.

Because this price has not been increased since the 1990s (€122 to €274 depending on tonnage).

Confirmation of these prices will be made upon publication of the ministerial decree in the coming days or weeks.

*Exclusive information from LDM, The Towing Magazine

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