France: Impoundment 2024, +5.5% (decree)

On 08/03/2024

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In France, since March 1, 2024, the price of impounding a car has increased by 5.5%.

As announced on 02/15/2024 by LDM, The Towing Magazine, the decree (below) legislating the increase in vehicle impoundment came into force on 03/01/2024.

2024 Impound Decree2402-fourriere-decret.pdf (142.65 Ko)

Applicable since March 1, 2024, the price of a car impoundment has increased from €121.27 to €127.65.

Daily storage costs increased from €6.42 to €6.75 (€10 for cities with more than 400,000 residents).

An exception for Paris, which sees its rates unchanged at 150€ for removal and 29€ for the daily storage costs.

Sources of LDM magazine, The Towing Magazine, towing professionals commonly known as “pound crane operators” are finding the increase insufficient about inflation in recent years (the last increase legislated in 2020). 

The other disappointment concerns the pound removal tariff for vehicles over 3.5 tons, in other words, vans, trucks, and buses, which have not been upgraded since the 90s (€122 to €274, depending on tonnage). 

*Exclusive information from LDM, The Towing Magazine

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