FLASH 2: 4th day of guerrilla warfare, the tow op removes the carcasses

On 01/07/2023

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After a 4th night of urban guerrilla warfare in France, the midday assessment leaves a bitter taste.
According to LDM, The Towing Magazine, tow operators solicited from all sides by insurers via their roadside assistance services have already evacuated several hundred burnt and/or vandalized vehicles.

Including Heavy Duty Trucks and School Transport Buses.

This Saturday afternoon the tension is palpable in Nanterre (F92) where the funeral of Nahel, 17-year-old french-algerian victim of a police shooting Tuesday, June 27 during a refusal to comply during a traffic check, is taking place. Note that journalists are prohibited from approaching the mosque and are rejected by a private security device.

Looting and arson are to be feared after the funeral.
LDM, The Towing Magazine recalls that several tow truck operators have been victims of direct violence on their tow trucks.
No injuries in the ranks of tow truck operators at the time of this writing.

All departments of France and overseas territories are concerned.
With urban guerrilla scenes never seen until today according to the testimonies of professionals present in Marseille, Grand Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Nantes, Lyon, etc. sent to LDM magazine.

Remember that the big brands were the target of looting and fires.
Be careful that the next phase of looting does not target towing companies & car pounds.

David Lockwood
©LDM, The Towing Magazine

Credit photo: ©LDM

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